Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Google Adsense - Rags to Riches?

I'm sure that the first thing just about all of you did before jumping into the affiliate marketing world was sign up for some sort of advertising revenue account such as Google Adsens or Yahoo Publisher. I myself started out with Google Adsense, but have since branched out into newer less competitive waters like Chitika, Adbrite, and now even Yahoo.

I am posting this for all the newbies to give you some hints with maximizing your Adsense revenue hopefully it helps, but like I always say NO Guarantees so your feedback and comments will only help to strengthen the value of this post.

First off after you see your first numbers be it $0.05, $0.23, $0.45....etc. don't be alarmed if the next time you logon this shows $0.00 as you didn't lose your income, it just resets daily and you can check by going to the reports and changing the time frame to list all time rather than today.

Second when placing the Ads on your pages make sure to always place them in the most visible and highly traffic parts of your site such as the top, top left hand corner and also to make sure that the codes show up on all pages.

Finally, when designing your Adsense boxes whatever they may be make sure to stylize them to match your site as different colors for borders and texts in comparison to your existing material can really throw someone off and studies have shown even cause them to leave your website altogether.

If you have some additional experiences or tips for my readers out there then feel free to post as we are all here to help each other.

Happy Marketing!