Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Forum Marketing

It's funny how with each marketing technique comes a new passion or excitement for the possibility of business / traffic that the new method can bring. Of course for most affiliate marketers out there reality usually sets in and expectations are deflated by the results that follow.

Now before we go completely negative I want to remind everyone that hard work and dedication will pay off so let's get back to that positive mind frame and start making money. Forums can be a great place to start or continue any great marketing campaign as it gives us an opportunity to interact and learn from others with in the affiliate marketing world.

I have joined a couple of forums so far the most popular being warrior forums which is linked at the end of this post. I have learned a lot of useful and valuable tips and tricks for improving and maintaining my web presence through interactions with other members on this site and definitely recommend it to all you newbies out there. It also gives you a great opportunity to create some back links and generate some additional traffic the more you post.

There are lots of forums out there and I would love for any of my readers to share their experiences with me and even post those links you have found useful as the more people that visit these sites the more traffic you will create for your profile.