Friday, March 23, 2012


Article submission directories comprise possibly the most popular option for your articles. These exist simply to house articles, nothing more, nothing less. There are several notable directories online, though there are hundreds of smaller ones. Submitting to an article directory can have a dramatic effect on your traffic, but each directory has a different submission process.

Beyond simply being read by visitors and found through search engine results, websites and ezines routinely get content from these directories; that means free advertising for you. Manually submitting your articles to these directories is the best option. You can control every aspect of the submission, as opposed to using submission software where you can only control a few aspects of it. Prepare to spend some time doing the submitting, as well. Generally, it takes between 10 – 15 minutes to submit an article. During the submission, you will fill out the author resource box.

Each article submission directory has its own rules and policies about submissions. These are usually posted in a prominent place within the website. Read and understand everything that applies; not adhering to their requirements will result in your article being declined. That means that you will have to start the entire submission process over again, which is not an attractive prospect.

So, where are all of these article directories and other sites located? How do you find them? Below, you'll find a list of directories. Every one of these directories has somewhat similar guidelines; few of them allow affiliate linking; each stipulates that you must be the copyright holder of the article, etc.
Article City

The above list is by no means complete; a simple search through your favorite search engine will yield thousands of results. Not every directory is worth your time, though. Some are not updated on a regular basis; others only cater to niche interests and topics. Of the list above, the top three are, and There are other places to post, though, that few people think about.